Dacris Benchmarks


Test your computer performance when doing any task


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Dacris Benchmarks is acurious performance test application that will tell you how your computer work when running a certain application.

It will show you data according to CPU charge, RAM, HD,Video card,... and the most interesting is that it will tell you how it changes when you run any application, so you'll know if your computer supports it well or not.

The best way to use it is to start from zero, do the test and then, run the application we want to test and do the test again. It's perfect in case we are not sure if our computer can run the application and how it affects it.

Once the test will be finished you'll be able to export reports as HTML, Excel or a chart in the program's interface.

Don't hesitate, Dacris Benchmarks can be really helpful in case of doubts

15-times trial version.

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